Ya – We logo’ed the rig.

We placed a logo on the back of our Momentum for our channel / instagram and we had some fun with it. When we created it we were sticking to the “detour” type theme and kept with our colors and a detour themed sign. It ended up being fun! Driving down the road we got a lot of thumbs up and would get DMs saying they just saw us. When in parks or camping it would start up conversations asking about our story or what our journey has been. We had several people send us videos of us driving down the highways which is the absolute best!

It isn’t always fun having a logo on the rig however. It may sound counter to our RV lifestyle but we are really private people. Most often we are kinda embarrassed when somebody finds that we have a social presence. We aren’t really the kind to yell “Hey follow us on Youtube!”.

So as we stopped through our hometown making our way back south we decided it was time to logo it up. It was time to place our mark on the Beacon. This time we not only placed it on the back above the window but also made some room on the cap. Sarah says that it even looks a bit sportier now.

The next time you see a black and red beacon take a closer look to see if that one is on a detour.

We started our RV journey in 2019 and have traveled over 50k miles between our three fifth wheels. 2021 brought a new set of experiences for us selling our home and going full time in our Beacon and has been a bumpy road.

We are blessed to have each other and the support of our family and friends as we continue our journeys.

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