Water in a RV is not what you want – and we have water coming out of every crevice. I am going to dive a bit deeper into our leaks in this writing and tell you how you can be alerted before they get out of control. We had been chasing a leak since the first week of ownership but it only shows its face every once in awhile. We had another occasion when we showed up at the Tishomingo Service center (Vanleigh’s third party service center) with water on our kitchen slide.

As of this writing we have found our back window leaking, leaks at the back of our slide, toilet leaking, pedestal pipe leaking, fridge draining into the slide, fresh water tank leak and our grey valves have been replaced twice due to faulty installation. The fridge was a cause of a lot of water on our galley slide and was due to improper installation when they replaced the fridge. Sadly when a tech worked on our rig again weeks after we fixed that leak he again plumbed the drain pipe internally so we again suffered water damage in the unit again. AAAGGGGHHH!!!

We started our RV journey in 2019 and have traveled over 50k miles between our three fifth wheels. 2021 brought a new set of experiences for us selling our home and going full time in our Beacon and has been a bumpy road.

We are blessed to have each other and the support of our family and friends as we continue our journeys.

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