Well we are … Kinda Broken

We were filled with hope when we arrived at the service center of things to be corrected and set us back on the right path. If you watched our last episode you know that many things didn’t go as planned and we were delayed leaving… and still leaving with items that were outstanding from previous months and several more added during our visit in Redbay.

The Discovery

We cover it quickly in our video but discovering our frame issue again was a serious upsetting situation. We stopped to get fuel and were pumping fuel at a just a trickle and the trucker next to us had said he had been pumping for 30 minutes with almost nothing. We decided to skip that fuel up but pulled forward to the stop line as some of us were using the restroom. It was during my routine fuel rig walk around that I spotted the separation. At first I had hoped it was missed sealant but it became quickly obvious that we were experiencing the same issue again. Further inspection at the fuel stop we could see the wall bulging with the weld broke again.

The Oven Fall OUT

We left the fuel stop upset and trying to figure out exactly what to do next. As we drove down a side country road the Furrion camera suddenly stopped working. Some have reported bad luck with their Furrion rear cameras but ours has always proven to be a great. My fear was that the tire may had shifted in the bed and hit my 7 pin connector and now not only have I lost a camera but lost tail lights. I pulled over before getting onto the freeway to check the 7 pin and the rear lights when I walked by the side of the rig and could hear the oven igniter clicking.

If you have just stumbled onto this writing or our video you might not think these few issues were much however it was the in total that started to take the toll. We had just fought for the frame to be fixed in a different manner and it broke again mostly likely because we lost that fight. Just minutes after discovering that failure we discover our oven. Our oven had been hitting our island during travel prior to our Redbay visit and was on the list of issues to address.

We were shown and told the efforts put into moving the oven back several inches for additional clearance over several weeks during our stay. They removed our hard tile backsplash and cut it down making room for the oven to move back – however the oven was in the same place but in worst condition. When the slide is out the oven sits on all four feet and doesn’t move. However when the slide comes in the oven tilts forward slightly and there are screws in the cabinets to hold it from completely falling forward. The technical had removed those screws. This isnt the hardest fix but represented greater failures and frustrations that we had been going through. Unfortunately the oven was damaged and also damaged the sink and the island during this event. Fortunately – our rig didn’t catch fire during travel.

Stick around for the next video…. as for something we didn’t cover in this video was that oven fully ignited while traveling 65mph down the freeway. We separated this event from this video as we feel this is a learning opportunity and wanted it to be a focus and not lost within this release.

When We Broke

We had a rough drive headed back to Idaho. We had a few conversations with Vanleigh about how to approach the issue. Ultimately we slowed down on talking to the camera and focused on what to do next. Focused on getting back to Idaho and regrouping. I know it sounds corney but at this point it wasn’t just our Beacon that was Broken – we felt we were as well.

We Wont ever give up now. If you paid attention to our end song it became our new theme and mantra.

We started our RV journey in 2019 and have traveled over 50k miles between our three fifth wheels. 2021 brought a new set of experiences for us selling our home and going full time in our Beacon and has been a bumpy road.

We are blessed to have each other and the support of our family and friends as we continue our journeys.

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